Corneal Transplant Hospital India Providing Excellent Medical Facilities

Corneal transplantation is a surgical process where the diseased and damaged corneal is replaced with the donated these tissue. Corneal tissue is generally called grafting tissue. Cornea is the window of the eye that covers the pupil along with the Iris. We can make out the print when the light is concentrated by the this. This change operation is needed once the that is injured, swollen or scared and clarity is lost, irregular model of its results in blurred vision, Swelling of cornea cannot be relieved by medications and the associated with sun glasses or lenses cannot able to correct the vision

Types of Cornea Transplantation Surgery India

Lamellar Cornea exchange – In lamellar cornea change surgery, it replaced separately diseased layer of the it leaving the healthy layers. Selected layer includes the deepest layer referred to as endothelium. Descemet’s stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty is the commonly performed version of this occurence exchange. The main advantage of lamellar this operation would certainly integrity of the eye is improved.

Penetrating eye treatment – In this replacement, all of the layers of the cornea from the donor is transplanted. A surgeon about the cutting device like trephine to cut the eye of the donor eradicate the circular disc of the cornea and then similar sized cornea of the.

Indian Hospital Tour linked up with top most hospitals that are providing excellent cornea transplantation operational over the world. A number of well known corneal transplant hospitals India are Harvard Medical International, escorts Heart Institute, Apollo Hospitals, Max Hospital, Fortis etc. These hospitals have the best medical facilities. Those Transplant Surgeon India is highly experienced, skilled and trained and the Indian Hospital Tour have some common surgeons that are specialists in their profession. Dr Anita Seth is the senior consultant of eye surgery in Delhi. Melbourne Escorts is famous for these transplantation Surgery in India. Dr Chandrashekhar Wavikar and Dr Deepak Garg are some famous eye surgeons who gained expertise in their profession worldwide.

Cornea change operation cost India is usually quite less than one other countries. Western countries like USA, UK are very expensive in terms of surgeries. So and additionally advantage is the cost factor. Many foreigners come to India for their surgeries are very happy with the treatment and services they received from India’s The work place. Eye treatment hospital India deals associated with latest technologies so the recovery of the patient becomes faster.

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